Our unique and trademarked program provides:

  • 12 sessions of prescriptive breath and brain activity training with neurofeedback and biofeedback so that you can learn to "at will" switch to sleep when needed
  • 3 psychology sessions for expert guidance on sleep
  • Accurate and easy to read graphs track before and after sleep training patterns. We use real time and easy to use brain measurement at home for accurate assessment of your improvements
  • The Sleep Solution App to track your progress
  • Development of your own individualized brain sleep music called the Alpha Switch™, a recording of your own brain going to sleep for you to listen to when you need to

Sleep Training in the 21   Century




      The Sleep Solution in Sudbury  Insomnia Treatment:  Better Sleep


Dr. Lorraine Champaigne

Dr. Keith Klassen

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​Email: ​frontdesk@thesleepsolution.ca

Neurofeedback is mind/brainwave training.  Certain brain-wave forms are associated with various states of attention and/or mood.  Individuals learn to change and control their brainwave activity by getting "feedback" from their present brain state.  We measure brainwaves using Electroencephalograph readings which show up as pictures and videos on the computer, which you learn to change "at will" with neurofeedback.  By doing so you learn to get greater control of your brain activity.  

Breathing is an essential part of calming and brain/mind regulation.  In the 21  Century we have come a long way in learning the benefits of breath training and also how to efficiently and effectively train this skill.  Part of sessions will be biofeedback training in Heart Rate Variability. This is an essential part of meditation and mindfulness training.  In yoga this is called the Buddha Breath, and with biofeedback you find yours within 12 sessions​.

This is not a treatment for Sleep Apnea.  Services are not covered by OHIP and are fee for service. 

A physician referral is not required.

To start your sleep solution program  please contact us directly at:

For over 20 years at Champaigne & Klassen we have been providing effective Insomnia Treatment to individuals in the face of significant stress, trauma, grief, health difficulties, and pain problems. We have developed the The Sleep Solution in Sudbury.

We have done this by designing a unique combination of neurofeedback and biofeedback training.  Now, after years of research and program evaluation, we have developed an effective and efficient 15 session protocol for training the lost skill of sleep for those with insomnia and general sleep problems.  We call this ​THE SLEEP SOLUTION™.